Associates and Supporters

Associate Membership

Ideally we would like all Haringey voluntary & community organisations to be Full Members, but we accept that some newly established organisations, as well as those with very limited resources, may not be in a position to pay the appropriate membership fee, but nevertheless would like to demonstrate their support for HAVCO and access our products and services. Associate Membership is offered specifically to those organisations for a limited period, until they become established and are able to join as Full Members.

Free Associate Membership offers reduced discounts (10%) on member events, as well as discounted support services and access to Cashpoint our funding newsletter, but does not include access to the Legal Helpline.

As an Associate Member you will be entitled to receive E-Voice and our regular newsletter, to have access the members-only area on our website and to receive 10% discount on a range of events. The annual Associate Membership Fee is Free.

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HAVCO Supporter

Individuals or organisations that wish to support HAVCO and the work of the sector in Haringey, but do not qualify for Full Membership can join as a Supporter. Examples include public sector organisations, private companies, partnership bodies and other statutory agencies. HAVCO Supporters will be entitled to the full range of member benefits but will not be eligible to vote at the AGM. The annual HAVCO Supporter Fee is £72. The Membership Fee will be pro-rata'd according to which quarter you apply in.

For more details and questions, please contact us!