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Companies in London, have been working with HAVCO to meet the needs of the local Haringey community, through arranged volunteering opportunities. Opportunities are available for individual employees through to all your employees from your top management to your entire London office.

Volunteering with HAVCO is a great way for your company and employees to support communities in London that are most in need. All projects deliver a visible impact, whether that’s transforming an urban green space with benches and planters, or supporting a young person into sustainable employment.


HAVCO in the community

HAVCO has a great relationship with voluntary and community groups in Haringey. We already know what specific needs and wants each organisation has, whether that be a volunteering day or specific equipment. By using HAVCO, you will be offered creative ways for your business and team to support the organisation without placing excess demands on them whilst knowing that your time, money and good intentions are truly well spent.

HAVCO has built lasting relationships with more than 200 local charities. This means the number of flexible volunteering opportunities continues to grow. The programme of activities helps the local community whilst meeting the needs of each participant and creating a really rewarding experience through team building challenges, or sharing your professional skills with the people who need them. Employees can see for themselves the huge impact their volunteering has on the work of the organisation they are helping. In addition, the volunteering opportunities can help build morale, strengthen team relations and contribute to the health and well-being of your staff.

Practical challenge days

Practical challenge days are activities that will see your team outdoors, doing physical tasks and tackling obstacles together. This can include improving school grounds, building planters at a supportive housing unit, improving and securing wildlife habitat, up-cycling furniture and much more.

When there is a specific task that fits perfectly to a volunteering day, this is wonderful, but it doesn’t always end up this way. HAVCO may be unable to provide a volunteering day that matches your criteria. HAVCO will not create an unnecessary task since this is counter-productive to everyone involved, but if you have an interest in a particular charity, we can negotiate as to how best you can help outside of a corporate volunteering day.

Skills-based volunteering

If the charity you want to support cannot meaningfully accommodate a volunteering day, then there are many other ways you can support them. These will depend on what your business and your team want to get out of the experience.

Whatever talents your staff have, we can find an opportunity to apply them. This can be skills in marketing, photography, finance, design, business planning and much more. We have supported companies to run a sponsored event such as a 10km time trial. Train together as a team and meet some service users to get a real feel for the people you’re helping and use that to motivate yourself and the people you seek sponsorship from.

Another idea is to host a fund-raising event where you can invite the charity to. This could be a family fun day, with a BBQ, bouncy castle and live music. Alternatively, support the charity’s own fund-raising events, by volunteering to man the stalls, sell tickets, run a beer tent and more.

Skills obtained by volunteers


Companies are keen on Volunteering Days because they can be a lot of fun and do give a sense of real achievement, particularly when the task directly benefits the charity. Volunteering days can be run on a whole team basis, or employees can be given a certain number of ‘volunteering hours’ to make their own arrangements to support a charity.


As well as creating a volunteering event tailored to your specific needs, there are optional extras you can add. These include a short film of the day, photographs and a case study for you to take back and share with others in the company.


In 2006, more than 650 employees from 16 companies took park in HAVCO’s corporate volunteering days. Thanks to our corporate partners who have provided finance, materials, transport and planning, HAVCO have been able to generate more than £265,000 additional income to directly benefit the communities in which we work in Haringey.

What next?

Corporate partners are charged a fee for the arrangement of the chosen volunteering opportunity. This fee includes all the resources required such as tools and food as well as designated member of the HAVCO team present on the day to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

Finding the right project for you make take a bit of time and effort, so we ask for two months notice of you wish to volunteer, particularly for large groups. To discuss a volunteering opportunity with us, please get in contact.